Who is Find  A Way? 

If you truly want something, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.”
— Jim Rohn

You could say that we are as driven by the stories that we don't want to tell almost as much as we are by the ones that we do.

One story that our founders never wanted to have to write was the one about how they followed a path of least resistance into easy careers and old age before realizing what they had lost. They never wanted to tell a single tale of missed connection or lost opportunity ... 

That why they quit. They quit the place that they knew, the jobs that were satisfying, and the friends that were familiar to raise a sail and wander the world. Through traveling, they rediscovered writing and Find a Way Media took shape. 

But while travel lit the fire, the blaze soon consumed their adventure. They found themselves working late nights in hotel rooms overlooking the Seine, the Mediterranean, and then the Ganges - tacking away at MacBooks, dreaming big, and sleeping little. It raged, uncontrolled, until it was clear that they couldn't put things off any longer. They settled in New York and built it a kiln. 

Find a Way now heats a lovely little house in Brooklyn. 

The founders and everyone else here are now full-time storytellers. We help high-growth and bleeding-edge technology companies in software, virtual reality, IoT, sales, marketing, social media, and influence to shake up their own stories, and turn their tales into killer marketing content. 

That's the story they wanted to tell: the one about how they Found a way.