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Until someone cooks up a better system than capitalism, writers must sell their work. And until everyone is born with that ability, we’re here to help.


The Beat is a community of writers whose vocation is business. The typical writer, it seems to me, at first pursues a passion -- something like food, travel, culture, and science -- and then seeks a buyer. But the magazine, publication, and newspaper markets are flooded, to say nothing of the centrifugal forces tearing their business models apart.


I have lucked into the opposite path. I began my writing journey with an abundance of buyers willing to pay well: technology companies. They place a high value on clear communication and long for authors who can tap into the beating heart of humans at work. That's my beat: stories and heartstrings in the jungle of startups.


Within the business-to-business (B2B) world, writing opportunity is abundant. It can afford you the time and stability to discover your passion without wondering where the rent check will come from. And in the process, you can bear witness to how companies rise and fall on the wings of mere words, and evolve into captain of your own financial destiny.


I have little to teach and everything to learn but I've created this blog to build a self-sustained community of writers on the B2B path. If the blog has a goal, it’s to see a world full of exceptional communicators who can afford to pursue their passions.


Given the geopolitical climate, we could certainly use more of those.


- Chris

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