We're always hiring writers

Calling all writers

Bring us your ambitious, your adept, your ravenous, and your willing. If you have a craving for knowledge and want to use the power of storytelling to impact the world, come join us!

But wait, before you commit, take a look at the blog. Get a feel for it, choose a post, and tell us what you'd improve.

Who are we looking for? 

We need writers. Not just any writers mind you - genuinely remarkable writers. Writers who can take a client's hot topic, grab an analogy off the street, and blend the two into a crispy crème brûlée of an mouthwatering art-piece of an article. Something that makes the client swoon, and drives leads. 

That sort of a writer. 

If you're our kind of knife-fighting wordsmith, we could use someone like you. Stop being selfish and apply already, would ya'?

But first, here are some qualifications:

  • Tell us why. Applications without a personal statement won't get replies (sorry, given the volume, we just don't have time)
  • Make your profile punchy. If you can't do it for yourself, what's to make us think you could do it for clients? 
  • Submit links to relevant work

That's pretty much it. Oh yeah, and we mostly need people with authentic experience in marketing, digital marketing, sales, sales automation, business development, technology, SaaS, and social influencing. That being said, if you're really good, we don't care what you've done. We can learn these topics together.

Alright, we're done. Back to the top with you - apply already!