Job Requisition

We need a writer

If you have a craving for knowledge and want to harness the power of storytelling to impact the world, join us.


The Need

We are an incubator for top writing talent that masquerades as a content marketing agency. Every day we wake up and pour our hearts into perfecting our ability to communicate ideas.


The particulars

  • Full-time
  • Prefer onsite, open to remote
  • Flexible schedule and lots of perks
  • Compensation $60-90k, based upon experience
  • Have an impact with a growing company

Required Experience

We're early in our growth. The writer we need has genuine experience in digital marketing, sales, business development, technology,  or SaaS. You'll need to write as if you are one of our clients and anything short of true authenticity starves the writing of credible details. You must have: 

  • Experience working at and writing for software companies
  • Knowledge of sales and marketing software
  • The ability to write clearly
  • A sense of humor


Here are a few samples of what we write:


Sleep Deprivation is Making Product Teams Age Faster and Think Slower

What Exactly are Teams Supposed to do with Intent Data?

Why Both Marketers And Consumers Love Email


Who are we looking for? 

We need an uncommonly talented writer who can find fresh angles on well-tread topics. In your application, please:

  • Tell us why you're the one. Applications without a personal statement won't get replies
  • Make it punchy. If you can't do this for yourself, what's to make us think you can do it for clients? 
  • Submit links to relevant work
  • Choose a post from our blog and tell us what you'd improve


With the current volume, we can't respond to every application. We only have time for those that:

  • Are interesting. For god sakes, you're a writer. Show us
  • Are concise
  • Are written in active voice
  • Don't begin with "Hi, I'm applying to the job posting." We already know