Recycle your content on these 4 publisher sites to maximize your reach!


Recycling is just good business

In many ways, good, long-form marketing content is the gift that keeps on giving.

Anything that you create can be chopped up and shared in smaller form across a host of social media channels and sites, pretty much forever. eBooks, evergreen blogposts, and white papers can turn into hundreds of social posts, tweets, surveys, and ads.

At first some business owners and marketers are appalled by this idea - it sure seems uninspired to keep repeating the same thing over and over, right?

Actually, repetition has some key advantages. It takes 7-13 touches to generate a sales-ready lead according to Salesforce, and repetition of the same message over and over is the key to good advertising.

It’s thus a rare confluence where being lazy and doing the right thing happen to happily coincide. Lucky you.

But the benefits to this strategy don’t end there.

repurposing content across the web also increases your traffic and domain authority (DA):

Share more of your content more widely helps because: 

Of course, the best places to be featured are going to be the hardest to get into. Forbes, Fast Company, Tech Crunch, and a raft of others accept contributions but their editors are so inundated with submissions (mostly bad ones, judging by some of the humor you see) that they won’t even get back to you. They want leaders of large, prominent companies sharing something new, and they want  you to pitch ideas and work with them to perfect it.

You should absolutely pursue this route.

While you wait to hear back, however, a much more manageable strategy is to submit to content aggregator sites which happen to be where many of your prospects are searching for you in the first place. They provide all of the trappings of big publishers with a fraction of the effort.

Here are our favorites, ranked in order of how much we like them:


Of all of your options, won’t be the fastest to get your stuff up, but it will have some of the best long-tail impact. We’re measuring our success in their realm by shares and by that calculation, both of our recent articles generated 120+ at the time of writing:

4 Hyper-Local Marketing Strategies that Beat Digital by as Much as 600%
4 Enterprise Marketing Technologies Destined to Disrupt SMB

You can sign up to self-publish by visiting their signup page.

The only downside is that it took a full 4 weeks for the editor to publish our posts (perhaps because of our over-use of the number 4?) On the effort-to-shares scale however, wins.

2. Business2Community

These guys came in second on our list. While their editors are much faster (published in 3 days) the results on our first article seemed somewhat muted: a mere 39 shares. The editor interface is also clunkier, and appears to be built on Wordpress. Not bad, but quirky and unintuitive.

You should contribute here if your primary clients are small businesses looking to have simple questions like “how do I use Google Analytics?” answered. You can sign up by visiting their contributor page.

3. LinkedIn Pulse

This is your best bet if you really have no time to spare. LinkedIn Pulse was a much hailed feature that got lost in the din of other product offerings as the company tried to diversify beyond it’s recruiter base. It is an entirely legitimate publishing platform and unlike posting to other social networks like Facebook or Twitter, your articles receive public links so that they show up in search. It’s all of the benefits of publishing for a fraction of the work.

The only downside is that there is a lot of noise - the incredibly low entry cost means lots and lots of people trying to be heard. If your article doesn’t have a killer headline, it may be drowned out quickly.

To get here, simply log into LinkedIn, go to your profile, and click on the button “Write a new post.”

Pro Tip: Make sure that you add tags to your article before publishing!

christopher m gillespie linkedin publish post


4. Medium

Medium is the hottest new item, so it’s surprising that you’d find us listing it last, right? We suppose so. For all of Medium’s touted benefits however, it operates very much like a social network in that traffic and attention snowball onto a few articles and create great rifts between the haves and the have-nots. Unless your article is picked up very quickly by the algorithm, it’s possible that after all of your writing effort, you could be left with zero views. There is always the possibility of significant upside, but for its volatility and mixed results, we’ve placed it last.

To get onto Medium, simply visit their home page.

Pro Tip: Make sure that you add tags and utilize their scheduler tool to choose the best time to post. 


And why not, here are the rest of them:

You can’t say we didn’t warn you but heck, as Yogi Berra once said, you miss 100% of the swings that you don’t take. It doesn’t hurt you to try your articles here before self-publishing on the above platforms. Most of them are looking for fresh content that’s around 800 words long.

  • Entrepreneur - become a contributor
  • Fast Company -
  • Harvard Business Review - contributors,
  • Business Insider -
  • Mashable - submit news
  • Forbes’ opinion section -
  • TechCrunch - got a tip?

Good luck!

All the news that’s fit to print

There you have it, you’re in the publishing game! Now it’s time to get to work penning that thought provoking content that’s sure to get you heard and spread your businesses’ word. It’s not a far stretch from here to a full-blown content marketing program, and from there, reliable marketing revenue.


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