Announcing Find A Way Media's move and new Blog!

new york skyline find a way media

In tandem with our move to New York city, it's become clear over the past nine months that we couldn't continue sharing a URL with our sister organization, Find A Way, and so baby bird finally had to fly. Find A Way Media now lives at

Along with the new site is a new look and feel for the company: Find A Way Media is sleeker, edgier, and primarily black and white, reflecting the gritty imperial skyscrapers of our new urban surroundings and also in order to draw distinction between us and the mass of digital marketing companies out there with bright, safe, cartoonish logos.

Find a way media logo

Find A Way Media is about really great writing. That's what's at the core of all of this talk about content marketing and branded content - it's freelancers with a pen and passion in pursuit of purpose that ratchet-in our attention to what matters most: emotionally charged stories about people. We wanted our digital presence to be stark and beautiful, just like the portraits of people that come across in our writing. 

For our clients, we peel back the veil of stodgy business formality and free the humanizing vapors of a crowd of people churning with interests, shortcoming, passions, loves, and romances within. We allow that be the personality that's put forth and which their consumer can actually fall in love with. 

Find A Way Media builds authentic human connections with companies and we do it through storytelling.

We're excited for the new chapter here, and we're excited to grow and experience the East Coast. There's plenty more in store in the next few months so stay tuned!

Chris @ Find A Way Media