Announcing The Big Book of Freelance Sales Strategy!

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We wrote a book.

No, it's not a ghost--it's The Beat. We're back!

We put things on pause to work on our heretofore magnum opus. We are thrilled to present The Big Book of Freelancer Sales Strategy


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Hate the idea of sales?  

We wrote this for you.


This is a complete guide to finding, winning, and retaining new clients. Our founder, Chris, wrote it based on his experience as a salesperson turned freelance writer. 

We'd be overjoyed to hear your feedback--good or bad. Just email it to


But wait, what's next?

Oh, right. Going forward, we'll be back to writing 2 to 3 new blogposts each month and breaking new ground on our favorite topics: writing, marketing, and persuasion

We're also hard at work on a second digital book tentatively titled The Book on Writing for Businesses. In it, we catalog our approach to keeping clients happy and ourselves sane as we produce the highest quality B2B content we know how. 

Look out for our next post, coming early next week.


- The Find A Way Media team