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How to find B2B clients as a freelance writer

Tips on building your business without losing your mind

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This course will arm you with the sales process, confidence, and templates you need to land B2B clients, which pay 23 percent more for writing than consumer ones.

Who this is for

This course is for writers who are either just breaking into B2B, or who’ve broken in but need steadier work. In ten chapters, it’ll take you from identifying clients to sending contracts and getting paid. The course is age agnostic. Sales is learned and it’s never too late.

Can a course really help me?

Maybe. People get good at sales through exposure, and you only get enough exposure when you have a quick and early win—a new paid client—that keeps you from getting discouraged. What this course offers is a quick path to that early win (within the first chapter, is the aim) as well as a process that salespeople use to avoid what freelancers call feast and famine.

The freelancing feast and famine

Who teaches it?


Find A Way Media’s Co-Founder, Chris Gillespie. He was an account executive at a series of software companies before becoming a freelance writer:

“As a software sales rep I spent thousands of hours listening to marketers talk about their challenges—like finding good B2B writers. I thought, hey, I’d like to write, and so stumbled into this massive, unmet need in a sector that’s starved for clear and concise prose.”

This course is a series of sales lessons on how to build your business as a B2B freelancer, enriched with anecdotes, interviews, and Chris’ personal experience.


Chris Gillespie

Writer, Co-Founder @ Find A Way Media


What’s inside

It’s an online video course. Each video ranges from 2-15 minutes, for a total run time of about three hours. It’s divided into nine chapters and comes with a library of templates for emails, invoices, and contracts. You can watch the first chapter below.



  1. Quick Win - Land One New Sale

  2. The Owner’s Mindset

  3. How B2B is Different

  4. Your Writing is a Product

  5. Selling and Getting Paid

  6. Marketing

  7. Customer Service

  8. Managing the Business

  9. Staying Sane


How is it priced?

There’s a challenge embedded in the price. This course costs exactly how much you should be charging for a simple B2B article. If one client orders one article, it’s paid for itself and you’ve got your running start.


How do I integrate these lessons?

Our highest aim with this course is to ensure you apply the lessons. You can, at any time, email the instructor, chris at findaway.media, and schedule time to talk with him. In the coming months, we’ll be adding features like discussions, tests, webinars, and maybe, a Slack group. If you have thoughts on what would be most helpful, let us know.

More, from the instructor:

Why I made this course

It seems like just about every writer that ‘makes it’ launches a course on how to do the same. But I couldn’t find anyone doing it specifically for the B2B industry where millions of companies struggle to explain what they do (and I do mean struggle. Just read Forrester) and desperately need your help. Nor have I seen one from a writer with a background in sales, negotiation, or cold outreach, all of which I’ve found to be a tremendous advantage. This industry needs you, but you need to earn a living wage. This course is designed to help you get there.

What’s inside

  • How to pick clients

  • What to say to them (with email templates)

  • What to charge (with examples)

  • How to land the deal

  • How to grow your clients

  • How to build a stable of recurring clients

Questions? Feedback? Email chris at findaway.media

How much work is there for B2B content writers?

There are an estimated 5.72 million B2B companies in the U.S., or about one in five businesses. Calls for B2B writers account for almost half of all hiring posts in the Content Marketing Institute LinkedIn group.

At the time of writing there are:

  • 4,000+ postings for “content writers” on LinkedIn

  • 6,000+ posting for “content writers” on Glassdoor

Few B2B companies call their writers “B2B writers,” though there are thousands of posts for that as well. And, these are just the companies that are aware they have a problem. Sixty-seven percent of the instructor’s revenue in the first three years came from outbound sales to companies who didn’t have a job posting but did have a need.

How much do B2B freelance writers make?

The pay rate for B2B writing is similar to B2C writing, but articles take a fraction of the work. Take, for example, writing an article for VICE versus writing a blog post for a B2B startup.

VICE: $500 per post, 1,500 words, 3 weeks worth of interviews, writing, and editing

B2B startup: $500 per post, 700 words, 1 day worth of writing and editing

Writing for VICE carries a cachet, and may open the door to more reported writing. But the B2B startup will rely heavily on you for editorial input, which means much less editing and rewriting, and they’ll need 2-3 articles per week. Plus, the B2B startup likely needs a variety of even higher-margin work, like e-books, emails, landing pages, and white papers, and once you’re their preferred voice, they’ll lean on you for nearly everything.

For more information on what publications pay, visit the Contently Rates Database.