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How to find clients as a freelance B2B writer

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This course will arm you with the sales process, confidence, and templates you need to land new clients.

How to find B2B clients


This course is for writers who are either just breaking into B2B, or who’ve broken in but need a system for earning steady work. Both are something I know a lot about. As a former salesman for a marketing software company, I’ve sold to hundreds of heads of marketing. Almost all have asked some form of, “Where can I find a good B2B writer?”

I left my sales career to fill that need and built a B2B content writing agency from scratch and I’d love to see others do the same. There are five million B2B companies in the U.S. and yet great writers and great companies rarely find one another because writers lack a sales strategy.

I’ve condensed all the lessons from my career as a salesman into a course full of everything you need to become that one in a million writer that knows which companies to pitch when in order to make a living and build your own business—even if you abhor the idea of sales.

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Chris Gillespie, Writer, Founder @ Find A Way Media and former salesman @ Marketo, TechValidate, and AT&T


To date, the beta version of this course is responsible for


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Why I made this course

It seems like just about every writer that ‘makes it’ launches a course on how to do the same. But I couldn’t find anyone doing it specifically for the B2B industry where millions of companies struggle to explain what they do (and I mean struggle. Just read Forrester) and desperately need your help. Nor have I seen one from a writer with a background in sales, negotiation, or cold outreach, all of which I’ve found to be a tremendous advantage. This industry needs you, but you need to earn a living wage. This course is designed to help you get there.

What’s inside

  • How to pick clients

  • What to say to them (with email templates)

  • What to charge

  • How to land the deal

  • How to grow your clients

  • How to build a stable of recurring clients

Pre-register today, get a gift

The course launches on July 15, 2019. The first 15 pre-registrants get a one-on-one coaching session where we’ll work through any challenges you’re running into and help you land more sales.

Those who share the course with friends (who then sign up) can earn access to bonus content, like recorded interviews with exactly the sort of editors and marketers who you’re looking to be hired by, and what they look for.


$500 for full access. (Though it’s $350 for those who pre-register with the code PREREG before July 15, 2019.) Full refund if you don’t find it helpful.


Questions? Thoughts? Email chris@findaway.meda