Online Course: Find clients as a freelance B2B writer

Online Course: Find clients as a freelance B2B writer


Taught by former salesman and Find A Way Media founder Chris Gillespie.

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What’s inside

This sales course teaches you everything you’ll need to know which B2B companies to reach out to, what to say to them, and how to build a recurring stable of writing clients. In it, our founder Chris Gillespie shares his story from enterprise sales rep to B2B content writer, and tips for applying the same sales strategies, even if you hate the idea of having to sell.

It covers nine chapters for a total of 35 videos of 6-10 minutes each, as well as templates for emails and tracking your outreach.

By the end, you’ll know:

  • How to build a list of target clients

  • How to reach out and secure meetings

  • How to negotiate and land contracts

  • How to earn referrals and grow your existing clients

  • How to begin marketing your freelance business

  • Tips for managing savings, insurance, and the world of freelance

About the instructor: Chris Gillespie is a former software salesman for companies like Marketo and AT&T who transitioned into freelance content writing. He used everything in this course to build the content marketing agency Find A Way Media.

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