Find A Way Media

Who are we? 


In the beginning, we were nobody, and it was nice.

Sitting in cafes on Saturday mornings, we felt drunk on intentions. Anything was possible. We planned to curb climate change, detoxify politics, and lessen income inequality.

It was daunting.

So, we wrote about it.

We started telling stories to shock, inspire, and awe.

We found a niche as a boutique storytelling agency and began to generate revenue.

We didn't have any baggage and were free to experiment. 

We swallowed a lot of our own words.

Writing became our mountain. On occasion, one of our articles would tear across the public consciousness and we would think we had reached our peak. But it was always transitory. Each time we'd catch our breath and resolve to climb higher.

Why climb? Ask Hillary -- because the mountain is there.

Unlike the mountain, we grow.

Climbing is learning.

Falling is feedback.

All the while, we're perfecting our ability to wield words of influence. We want to help companies that are building a better future.

Because either we'll find a way or we'll find an excuse. 



- The Find A Way Media team



"If you truly want something, you'll find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse."

- Jim Rohn

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